Outdoor Ideas for Family Fitness Challenge

When the weather allows, get moving outdoors! There are so many options, from sports and more recreational games to creative activities you can set up yourself, to keep things fresh and exciting. Have fun with it, and explore your neighborhood!

  • Obstacle Course
  • Family Walk/Hike/Jog
  • Bike/Scooter/Skate
  • Tag
  • Freeze
  • Driveway Hopscotch
  • Park Visit
  • Soccer, basketball, hockey—any sport!
  • Frisbee, Catch, etc.
  • Bags, Ladder Golf
  • Four Square
  • Gardening with Parent(s)
  • Scavenger Hunt
  • Simon Says
  • Kick The Can
  • Capture the Flag
  • Mother May I
  • Monkey In The Middle
  • Red Light, Green Light

What does your family like to do? Add ideas below!

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